BRAS 73 Leusden

BMB Fulmer Company Showcase

BMB Fulmer Company Showcase: BRAS 73 in Leusden

The proud owners Karin & Lex Hulsenbeck have chosen for our brands and products to install in their new Brasserie in Leusden. Since oktober 2017 BRAS 73 is open. The building itself is beautiful and the classy interior and high-end technical installation finishes it all of.

In the bar and lounge area, Amina Invisible speakers have been installed in the ceiling. Truly invisible because Amina Loudspeakers are covered with a thin layer of plaster. No visual compromise, no sonic compromise. Amina Speakers will allow a great sounding, high fidelity audio system. Mounted in the ceiling, the topmodel of the Edge Series, the Edge7 and for extra low frequency enhancement the ALF120 subwoofer is discreetly hidden in the bar.

Beale Street Audio utilizes the by Beale Street Audio patented Sonic Vortex Technology™ to produce sound with amazing base and effortless clarity. In the restaurant, kitchen, toilets and office at BRAS 73 Beale Street Audio speakers are installed in the ceiling.

Terra ‘All Climate’ loudspeakers are perfect for outdoor use because Terra speakers are impervious to the weather, however harsh the conditions. The speakers are built to a very high standard and also sound great too!

To enjoy the music on the terrace we have chosen to use the Terra AC FIVE1.

URC Total Control, this state-of-the-art domotica system is very user-friendly and also perfect for domestic use in your home.

Not only just musicmanagement, but complete control of all automation. Consolidate all your electronics into one simple menu on your remote or smart device. URC Total Control provides robust personalization along with one-touch access to virtually everything.

At Bras 73, URC serves many options.

What’s the setup of the URC System at Bras 73?

It all starts with a central netwerk controller, the URC MRX-10. This is the heart of the system. Then every component is connected by LAN or WiFi.

Using the URC DMS-1200 Network Multi-Zone amplifier it’s now easy to divide each room/area in a separate zone to control. For each zone the volume and inputsource can be set. You as a guest can enjoy your meal listening to background music, the kitchenbrigade can listen to Radio538. Bras 73 has in total 8 zones.

In the Lounge the TV can be turned on/off with one touch or changed to the desired channel. So if we want to watch the footballmatch, then instantly the Amina Loudspeaker in the ceiling switches to the TV sound, on the right volume of course.

Also the lighting is programmed, on/off, based on a schedule or the Atomic Clock. Bras 73 uses some Philips Hue lights; adjust colours, create a different mood, dim the lights all depending on the moment. Automaticly accoring to preset scenario’s. Easy!

Complete integrated climate control, the central heating is connected to the Air Tratement Installation and the thermostat. All conneted to the URC Control panel behind the bar. Total climate control, both heating and cooling, in every space. Comfortable for both the visitors as the staff!

Safety first! By using URC Total Control, with one touch the alarm can be turned on or off and the surveillance cameras deliver live video to you to anywhere in the world. Of course continuous, automatic recording to monitor unwanted quests…

The terace and porch can sometimes be a little cold. Heaters and sunscreens bring outcome. URC controles automatically the switch of the heaters and the folding of the sunshades. At any time manual control is possible.

The URC Total Control touchscreen controlpanel TKP-7600 is integrated in the wall behind the bar. It features all programming, total control, built-in AV intercom, camera, mic and speaker. This brilliant 7 inch colour tochscreen provides elegant and easy-to-use control of all functions.

The URC App (Android en iOS) enables you to control from anywere around the world. For each user a different level of authority can be set. Very user-friendly. You can install the App on your tablet or moblie phone. Easy to use. Total Control can make it happen.!
Bras73 is a perfect location for demonstrations, you can see and hear our products in a real live situation. Feel free to visit, enjoy the dishes on the menu and let everything work on you. Are you interested, would you like more information, explanation or a demonstration: you are more than welcome! Please contact BMB Fulmer via +31 85 48 68 589 or mail to

Bras 73

Karin & Lex Hulsenbeck
Hamersveldseweg 73
3833 GL Leusden
+31 33 303 60 11
Daily open from 11.00 AM to 23.00 PM.